Cadell – Hotline 2 Lyrics

[Sample from “Another Body Down” by Aye Nizzy]
Why didn’t your brother give you a Rolex?
Why didn’t he give you champagne?
Everybody knows if he wasn’t your brother
Then nobody would know Cadell’s name

[Sample from “64 Bars of Air Pie” by Mez]
Likkle bro wanna go on like a big man
Likkle bro can’t ever go where I go

[Sample from “SMH (Swipe Man’s Headtop)” by Blaydes]
Guarantee if you weren’t Wiley’s brother
Nobody in the scene would’ve known your name

Look, new week, new victims
This time I ain’t gonna say no name, that’s a kid ting
Likkle brudda wanna be me cause he done seen me
On BBC and my tunes mixing
Might body your body and buss case, rudeboy, but
If I body your body, I do better
One wears Nike, one of them’s the next in grime
I’m a leader of the New Era
And I just got a sponsorship from New Era too
That means fresh new hats for a header, too
Don’t let me see another Nike baseball cap
No baseball team, no revenue
Yeah, I said Nike like an American
Brand new snapback, beak like a pelican
Just got back from the gifting
Giving ’em out, I ain’t selling ’em
You don’t bang for the block, you’re celibate
When I was in Lewisham, you wasn’t on anything
And I ain’t gotta stay relevant
You wanna talk racks? Then show me ten of ’em
And I said six last time but I bet that I’ll clash ’bout ten of ’em
Didn’t wanna see me get up in my element
Maybe they do, though, who knows
Their bars ain’t even worth a blue note
Just know, when I say “go home”, I mean go home
You’re from Nottingham, you ain’t from Bow Road
You weren’t there when grime was young
Don’t know Maniac or know my mum
So, my son, know your place
I’m that same little kid, just an older age
And make sure your runners got runners
You couldn’t make what my soldier pays
And recently, I’ve been on my own ting
No new friends, youngers or older mates
I can’t lie, I ain’t perfect
Not one person on earth with no mistakes
Last time I saw you was at the tour
Time before that, you was getting rushed
You’re going to hate, it’s inevitable
This ain’t even a send or a diss or an indirect
I’m just setting it all
Let me settle the score
I’m on a level that they ain’t tried level before
Last time that we clashed, it was eight to six
If you cut out the lies, it was seven to four
I still won though, told man several times
They ain’t levelling I
Could’ve got a MOBO last year if I tried
“Rematch who? Rematch, when?”
Is one of the best one-liners of all time
Especially in a clash, don
Brought the war, they all laid their backs on
I don’t listen to charts, they made the grime top five
Don’t ever put Aks on, wah gwan for that, don?
That’s not right, so many cameras
So it’s not everyday clap on sight
Buck ’em on the rebound, Harry Kane on the hotline
Let me get Robbie Keane out
About shootings

About shootings, I don’t come on the mic about shootings
I come on the mic and show them they’re losing
Yeah, I’ve got a holiday sponsorship
Lots of piff, all came all-inclusive
07950 798805, my brudda, let’s do this
07950 798805, my brudda, let’s do this
You’re stupid

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