Cities Aviv – White Lyrics

[Verse 1]
So take a picture with a Polaroid
If this image disappears we gon’ be destroyed
Cause I done seen many lows
Future so dark, see it with my eyes closed
In these closed doors to these people we expose
Is a mind overshadowed by the drugs
In the past year, I’ve been in and out of love
Curse to the skies, send me death from above
Nigga, I’m broke (I’m broke)
It’s like a diamond with a crack in it
Life’s hard so I guess I’ll take a crack at it
So far from these people that I care for
So high that my home become a drug store
Everybody say they makin’ dough out of linens
But I’m still diggin’ in this digitized hole
Feelin so dark in my digitized soul
Cause nigga we sing songs of the digitized loathes

I’m tryina make it to the light
When it’s so dark, I feel so bright
Tryina make it to the light
Tryina move straight to the white
Straight to the white
Tryina make it to the light
Down here’s so dark, there’s so bright
I’m tryina make it to the white
Tryina move straight to the white
Straight to the-

[Verse 2]
So sin my body till it ghosts
Bed full of fire, send my body to the smoke
Cause these visions ain’t a joke
We could plan a ritual overnight
The darkness determine who the host in this room
While we smoke, till we choke
A pitch black cloak like the color of my soul
Heard in my city they wanna shit on my goals
The same niggas politickin’ be blowin’ up my phone
But I don’t don’t give no f**k about ’em
If you real in this life then you gon’ be about it
Tryina tell ’em that this life ain’t meant for everybody
You go hard, then you die
And everything you livin’ is a lie
I try to tell ’em we don’t go to church
We just prance around in these ruins and it hurts
Thinking of the days when we used to have a worth
The memories of a home
But f**k it, I’d rather see the end alone
I guess I’m on my own

Pleasure… is… it can be a temporary state
But it can also be… kind of a state of… residence
Depending on what your mind frame’s like
Like a lot of people only find pleasure… IN other things
And so they, like go on a search… for constant pleasure
Like constant people just… like achievement of pleasure
Like things to pleasure them, like food to pleasure them
Drinks to pleasure them, clothes to pleasure them
People to pleasure them
They never… really achieve it
Because it’s temporary
But, pleasure can be in the state where
It’s just your state of mind

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