Alyssa Marie – Trigger Finger Lyrics (feat. Lady Essence)

[Verse 1: Lady Essence]
I been waiting on success; there’s nothing that feels stranger
Than to see it all reflect and feelin’ like you’re the stranger
That person in the mirror: I fear her; I feel the anger
That person coming nearer, wave clearer: I need ya anchor
(It’s like I’m) lookin’ for a reason to swim or even drown slow
Don’t push someone who’s eager to win right in their downslope
ʻCause I will go Ether, go in on all you clown folk
And make you repeat it again on every download
But listen, I am disciplined: only will start a fire if
You missin’ where my missile is; look for somethin’ to fire with
That means you steady missing the point of where my fire went
You pourin’ water over my joint right when it’s firing
So how could you get higher when you don’t hear the environment?
You never hear the voices of reason sayin’ you fire, yet
That 9-to-5 talkin’: it’s talkin’ and gettin’ louder
Clock keeps watchin’: it’s watchin’ like every hour
Every coward got a reason, retreating, thinking of leaving
Leadin’ these people? I’m eager but feelin’ I need my freedom
The picture? Much bigger than competition could ever be
Alyssa, pull the trigger: they rather you be my enemy
See, I don’t understand if I failed or if I struck-fate
If money gives us time to prevail, then I’m a buck-late
How we s’pposed to follow the trail when there is such-hate?
The box being hammered with nails, and I can’t e-scape
{pause} But I’m bettin’ you could re-late

[Verse 2: Alyssa Marie]
Still tryna figure out the signs; picture getting bigger in my mind
Finger twitching on the trigger; tried sitting to the side
But it’s times like this minute, fine lines in the sky’s limit
That remind it’s the prime time for reviving it
Thrive in the middle of when and just surviving
And it’s time to pick a side when, the river, it’s getting wider
And the shore is getting further to either; I read the finer print
While looking at the size of picture inside a wider lens
It’s the struggle of wondering what’ll come of the trouble
Of putting double the effort with every muscle
Connecting the puzzle, ruffling feathers to get a couple
Of subtle, if any, steps I could stumble or misdirect
And I can feel the people waiting to take it as opportunity
Truthfully, though, it’s sad it don’t seem as bad as used to be
Ain’t stressin’ like I usually do: I’m used to scrutiny
Tell me they’re down for life and they’re ready, writing my eulogy
Proof reading it, scheming a way they can take the lead
When the only way to escape a defeat is to not compete
And, instead, begin to assemble together, but I can see
I’ll either eat at the bottom or starve for what’s out of reach
Try to leap when the place that I’m aiming ain’t in my vision yet
Or stay where I know I’mma be safe and accept the limits set
I guess I can settle for less or risk the whole pot
And either leave with all or nothing when this show stops

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