Young Nudy – Crack Lyrics

I’m a 90s baby know bout 80 bitch I know bout crack
I’m a young nigga keep a 30 everybody know bout that
Keep yo bitch on these f**kin drugs, hit yo hoe from the back
I don’t love her, I don’t wife yo hoe, all these hoes know bout that
I’m a crack pot, drug dealin, I’m gon sell that crack
I’m gon sell that crack
Whippin up nothin but glass
In the kitchen makin’ nothin but crack, y’all don’t know bout that
First junky that hit that bitch damn near had a heart attack

[Verse 1]:
I turned a one into a deuce
I turned a deuce into a four
I turned a four into a nine
Water whippin’ bitch i make me some more
Young nigga really wanted some more
Glock 40 it hold 30 or more
Young nigga play you act like a hoe
Main thing, I’ma f**k on yo hoe
Play with me I’ma play with her throat
Play with the pot like i play with the scope
Pussy niggas wanna hate from the rope
One shot hit yo ass in the throat
A lot of guns and a whole lot of smoke
Yellow tape for you and yo folks
Country nigga talking bout he know dose
I don’t think he know about that dope
I just sold his ass a whole elbow
Yea the flower that i got from the store
Right there at the Texaco
32 on Bouldercrest Road
Young nigga know how the game go
I’ma slime everything that you own


[Verse 2]:
Walked in looking like a chandelier
Hell nah nigga we don’t drink beer
Rose, big bottles over here
Nut gon nut on a bitch face
All i want is a big face
Yum yum yum bitch get a taste
Skeet skeet skeet all on her face
I just skrt with the pot
Walk around with the knots
Glock 40 get yo pussy ass shot
Glock 40 get yo pussy ass shot
Back turned up in the booty club
Main bitch wanna f**k for a dub
Young nigga been had to pipe it up
Y’all nigga really can’t f**k with us
Slime y’all bitch ima wipe em ffff
Wack that nigga then wipe em off
Looking like miyagi ima take em off
I never know not running off
Kourtneymoney taught me that
Y’all nigga don’t know about crack


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