The State Duma proposed to limit the terms of the possible dismissal of mayors

This is provided for by amendments to the draft law on local self-government, which are proposed to allow the heads of subjects to dismiss mayors themselves. They suggest that it will not be possible to do this within a year from the appointment of the head of the city

Amendments to the bill on local self-government, allowing governors to dismiss themselves, suggest the possibility of this no earlier than a year from the date of appointment. Writes about this “Kommersant” with reference to one of the authors of the bill and the amendments, MP Pavel Krasheninnikov. For the truth” prepared their own amendments to the bill, aimed at preventing governors from removing mayors themselves. In turn, Krasheninnikov and Senator Andrey Klishas propose to leave in the document the possibility to deprive mayors of their posts “for systematic failure to achieve performance indicators”; not earlier than in a year.

According to Krasheninnikov, by the end of the acceptance of amendments to the document, more than 700 had been received.

The bill “On the general principles of the organization of local self-government in a single system of public authority” submitted to the State Duma at the end of last year. The document was adopted in the first reading at the end of January 2022, after which amendments were to be submitted to it by February 23. This deadline was later extended to May 20. Krasheninnikov then told the publication that the postponement of the second reading was due to the need to discuss the financial component of the reform and the problems of distribution of powers.

The bill proposes to introduce a single five-year term for mayors, as well as allow governors to dismiss them for failure to fulfill their duties . Now governors can dismiss mayors only after a court decision on misappropriation of funds or at the initiative of the local assembly of deputies, if its work for two years is recognized as unsatisfactory.

The heads of regions can also issue a reprimand and announce a warning to the heads of administrations. If within a month no measures are taken to eliminate the grounds for reprimand, the head of the subject has the right to “dismiss him from office” head of the municipality.

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