Russia to develop ethical standards for the behavior of judges in social networks

Chairman of the Council of Judges of Russia Viktor Momotov noted that “this will allow us to avoid many controversial issues in the future”

In Russia, it is necessary to develop ethical standards of behavior in social networks for officials vested with judicial power. This was stated during a speech at the Council of Judges of Russia by its chairman Viktor Momotov.

“Judges are required to comply with the rules and restrictions set for them in connection with their special status, including in the digital public space. In connection with the emergence of difficulties and issues related to the maintenance of social networks by judges, I ask the commission of the Council of Judges on Ethics to develop recommendations, ethical standards of behavior in social networks, supplementing them with the Code of Judicial Ethics. This will allow us to avoid many controversial issues in the future,»,— said the head of the council.

At the same time, Momotov noted that the council does not seek to limit judges in this way. “We believe that such standards should help the judge in choosing this or that behavior without fear of being held accountable,” — he added.

On March 4, President Vladimir Putin signed a law criminalizing fakes about the actions of the Russian Armed Forces. For the distribution of such materials threatens a fine of up to 5 million rubles. or imprisonment for up to 15 years. Responsibility is also provided for discrediting the Armed Forces and calls for anti-Russian sanctions. Later, an addition to this law came out— about punishments for fakes about government agencies abroad.

On March 21, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow banned the activities of the American Meta Platforms * social networks Facebook and Instagram in Russia. The reason was a change in the company's policy regarding calls for violence and the permission to publish them in relation to the Russian military participating in a special operation in Ukraine, as well as the leaders of Russia and Belarus. Meta also owns the WhatsApp messenger, but its restrictions did not affect “due to the lack of functions for the public dissemination of information.”

* Meta Platforms is recognized in Russia as an extremist organization and banned.

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