What does the phrase “nenka-Ukraine” mean?

Nenka-Ukraine — a phrase that Russians could hear in some pop songs. AiF.ru figured out the meaning of this phrase.

What is Nenko-Ukraine?

In translated from Ukrainian, Nenka — mother, mother. Thus, Nenko-Ukraine — this is Mother Ukraine or Mommy Ukraine.

In what popular songs are sung about Nenko-Ukraine?

The phrase "Nenka-Ukraine" can be heard in  the song «Ukraine — Nenko! Mother — Russia!», performed by Iosif Kobzon:

«Ukraine — Nenko! Mother — Russia!
He will hurt his own son.
everything is one in the heart:
Ukraine — Nenko! Mother — Russia!»

The song called “Ukraine-Nenka” was also in the repertoire of the Soviet group “Freestyle”. The composition is written in Ukrainian.


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