When will the exam in history take place?

In 2022, the exam in physics will be held on June 6. The exam will be taken by 122,000 people. All questions related to the USE that may arise, graduates and their parents can ask Rosobrnadzor specialists by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 984-89-19.

What changes have been made to the USE in history? 

The following changes have been made to the USE in history this year: 

– removed task number 6 (establishing a correspondence between historical fragments and brief characteristics), as well as task number 7 — on knowledge of the facts, task number 10 — identification of the author by passage, assignment No. 22 — question on the text and task number 23 — explanation of the historical event;

– tasks No. 3 and No. 4 (work with historical terms) were transformed into task No. 18, in which it is now necessary to describe the concept in detail and give an example;

– task 11 (inserting missing items into the table) was replaced by task 4, which will not include questions on foreign history;

– task No. 15 (determining historical events on the map) was replaced with task No. 10, in which you need to study the diagram and enter the missing word in the text;

– tasks No. 18 and No. 19, in which it was required to give short answers based on a picture, now became tasks No. 14 and No. 15, in which it is already necessary to give detailed answers, having studied the brand and image of a cultural monument;

– task No. 8 (inserting missing elements into the text) was removed and instead a new task No. 16 was included, in which you need to read historical passages on the topic of the Great Patriotic War and answer a few questions;

A new task No. 17 also appeared , in which it is necessary to determine the consequences of a historical event, and task No. 24 is now listed as No. 19, it has been finalized: material has been added on the history of foreign countries and the number of arguments has been reduced to two.

How many tasks are there? 

The exam in history consists of two parts: in the first you need to give a short answer, in the second — expanded. There are 19 tasks in total.

What is the minimum number of USE scores?

In 2022, the minimum score is — 35.

How long is the exam? 

Previously, the exam lasted 3 hours 55 minutes, in 2022 — exactly 3 hours (180 min.).

Where and when can I find out the results of the USE?

Participants of the USE in 2022 will be able to view their results on the Unified Portal of Public Services. To do this, go to the section “Documents”, subsection “Education”. Also, the service for familiarizing with the results of the USE on the website of Rosobrnadzor — checkege.rustest.ru

The USE result will be available on June 20. 





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