When will the exam in physics take place?

In 2022, the exam in physics will be held on June 6. The exam will be taken by 122,000 people. All questions related to the USE that may arise, graduates and their parents can ask Rosobrnadzor specialists by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 984-89-19. 

What changes have been made to the USE in physics? 

This year there are no indications of the number of correct answers in the exam, previously it was necessary to find two. Also removed the task of astronomy and astrophysics. In addition, this year it is necessary to explain the choice of a physical model, on the basis of which the examinee makes calculations. In addition, USE participants are offered two lines of tasks, which include topics from several sections of science.

How many tasks are there? 

There are 30 tasks in total (was 32). The most significant task — No. 30, for the correct completion of which you can get 4 primary points.

What is the minimum number of USE points?

In 2022, the minimum score threshold has not changed compared to with the previous academic year. The USE participant needs to score 39 points.

How long is the exam? 

The USE in physics lasts 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes).

Where and when can I find out the USE results?

USE 2022 participants will be able to view their results on the Unified Public Services Portal. To do this, go to the section “Documents”, subsection “Education”. The service for getting acquainted with the results of the USE on the website of Rosobrnadzor — checkege.rustest.ru.

The USE result will be available on June 20.


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