When will the results of the exam become known and where can I see them?

On Thursday, May 26, the main stage of passing the exam-2022 began. On this day, students take exams in geography, literature and chemistry. The main period for passing the exam will last until June 21 inclusive. Reserve days for passing the exam will start on June 23 and end on July 2.  

For how long will the results be known and where you can see them — in the help of AiF.ru.

When will the results of the USE-2022 be known?

As a rule, from the moment of passing the exam to the publication of the results, it takes from 7 to 14 days, writes "KP". Subjects such as Russian language and  mathematics require more time to process. However, often the results become known much faster.

Thus, according to the letter of Rosobrnadzor  No. 10-141 dated 04/18/2022, the results will be published no later than these dates:

·        June 10 (geography, literature, chemistry);

·      &nbsp ; June 17 (Russian of May 30 and 31);

·        June 20 (mathematics of profile and basic level);

·        June 22 (history, physics);

·         June 24 (social studies);

·        June 29 (biology);

·        4 July (foreign languages ​​written and oral, computer science and ICT (KEGE).

Reserve exam results:

·       &nbsp ;July 7 (Russian);

·        July 8 (geography, literature);

·         July 11 (mathematics basic and profile levels);

·        July 13 (foreign languages ​​orally and in writing, biology, chemistry, social studies, history, physics and computer science and ICT (KEGE);

·        July 15 (all subjects except computer science and ICT (KEGE).

How are the USE results processed? 

The processing of results takes place in several stages. First, all data from the forms are transferred to the Regional Information Processing Centers. Verification of the results, as a rule, should not exceed six calendar days. Moreover, optional items are checked much faster — within four days. This is due to the fact that schoolchildren pass less elective subjects than compulsory ones.

After that, the processed results are sent to the Federal Testing Center for further verification. This takes another five calendar days.

Then all the results are sent to centralized verification at the Federal Testing Center. It takes up to 5 calendar days.

The penultimate stage is — approval of the results by State Examination Commission. This will take one day. And only then they are transferred to a single database of USE results.

Where and how can I find out the USE results?

You can find out about the USE results by going to:

  • the website of the Mayor of Moscow — mos.ru ;
  • portal of public services;
  • portal of the Unified State Exam.

After that, you must enter your full name, passport data or the USE registration code.




https://www.kp.ru/putevoditel/ege/rezultaty -ege/

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