What does the title “Mother Heroine” mean and why are they going to return it?

Chairman of the Association of Large Families of Moscow Natalya Karpovich took an initiative to return the title of “Mother Heroine”, which previously existed in the USSR. Karpovich made the proposal on May 25 during a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council.

As the first deputy head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Tatyana Butskaya, in the State Duma has already work is underway on a bill to return the title. The status will have to provide its holders with additional support measures and privileges.

According to experts and public figures, subject to the provision of material support measures, the return of the title will help give mothers a special status in society, as well as improve the demographic situation.

What does the title “Mother Heroine” mean?

Title "Mother Heroine" — the highest degree of distinction in the USSR, established for women for merit in the birth and upbringing of children. The title and the order of the same name were established in the USSR in 1944. 

The title meant not only the presentation of letters and orders, but also cash payments. The monthly allowance was paid from the second year of birth of the child until the child reached the age of five. In addition, the status of the mother-heroine was the basis for receiving discounts on utility bills and various assistance if necessary.

Who was awarded the title and the order""Heroine Mother"?

The title was awarded to mothers who gave birth to 10 or more children. Women received the order""Mother Heroine" after the 10th child has reached the age of one year, if there are living children previously born.

When awarding the title, adopted children and children who died and disappeared during the Great Patriotic War were also taken into account. 

How many women received the Order of the Mother Heroine?

In total On January 1, 1995, the Order “Mother Heroine” approximately 431,000 women have been awarded. The last award ceremony took place in November 1991.

What awards did mothers of large families receive in the USSR? 

In the USSR, there was a “Medal of Motherhood”, various degrees of which were awarded to women who gave birth to five and six children. In 1944, the Order of Maternal Glory was also established. three degrees, which were awarded to women who gave birth to seven, eight and nine children, respectively.

As of January 1, 1995, about 13.15 million Glory» — 5 534 724.

 What awards are given to mothers with many children now?

After the collapse of the USSR, the Order “Mother Heroine” was abolished.  Presidential Decree No. 775 in 2008 established a new order “Parental Glory” and the medal “Parental Glory”. The order belongs to the highest level awards and is issued annually to only a few families from different regions of Russia who have raised seven children or more, and the medal is awarded to families who have raised four children. 

The awarding of the order is accompanied by a cash payment in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. At the time of awarding the order, the youngest child in a large family must be at least three years old. 

The legislation does not provide benefits for award winners. But in some regions, local authorities provide such families with benefits for utility bills (or compensation for the money spent), places in kindergarten and trips for children to resorts.

After the adoption of the bill, which provides for payments and benefits for winners of the “Parental Glory” award, it is planned that families with many children will be provided with:

  • allowances in the amount of one subsistence minimum for holders of a 3rd degree medal;
  • a payment of 7 times the amount for single mothers as a social pension;
  • a decrease in the amount of utility payments;
  • preferential admission of children to universities.

Deputies are also considering various preferences: from one-time cash payments to maintaining the benefits of a parent with many children when children reach a certain age. A large family will be entitled to receive such benefits only if the youngest child in the family turns 1 year old.

What benefits are already provided to large families?

According to the current legislation, women with three and four children who have at least 15 years of insurance experience and the minimum number of individual pension coefficients prescribed by law at the date of retirement can retire early.

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