Expert: Unmarried men are three times more likely to die prematurely

Lack of marriage is one of the causes of premature death in men. This was told by Oksana Drapkina, chief freelance specialist in therapy and general practice of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, writes TASS. /p>

The expert added that the main risk factors in the age group of men from 55 to 64 years old are not only the lack of marriage, but also smoking, alcohol abuse and stress.

Among the risk factors for men over 75 Drapkina called smoking, inflammatory diseases, impaired kidney function and & nbsp; low physical activity.

According to the expert, the life expectancy of women from 55 to 64 years is negatively affected by stress and the absence of children.

Earlier it became known how the health of Russians has changed after the restriction  Russian use of trans fats.

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