Trump calls for US teachers to be allowed to carry guns in schools

U.S. teachers who have received the required training should be eligible to carry personal weapons in schools, former U.S. President Donald Trump said at the U.S. National Rifle Association convention.

“We can all agree that our schools should not be the weakest targets <…>. That is why, as a comprehensive school safety plan, the time has come to allow trained teachers to carry weapons discreetly,— he said.

In addition, the ex-president called for more funding for the police. “We need to expand the funding, recruitment and training of police officers across the country. This is not a question of money, but will. If the United States has $40 billion for Ukraine, then we should be able to do whatever is necessary to protect our children,” — he noted.

As additional measures to protect schools, Trump proposed equipping all educational institutions with metal detectors, reinforcing classroom doors, and introducing a rule according to which a police or armed guard will be on duty at every educational institution on a permanent basis.


An extraordinary convention of the association takes place against the backdrop of a shooting at an elementary school in the Texas city of Uvalde. The first reports of events at the school were received on May 24 at 11:43 local time (19:43 Moscow time). During the shooting, 21 people were killed— 18 children and three adults, said Senator Rolland Gutierrez. The attacker turned out to be an 18-year-old man, said Gov. Greg Abbott, who died during police detention.

US President Joe Biden, speaking to Congress after the tragedy, said that it was necessary to confront the “gun lobby”, because over the past ten years there have been more than 900 mass shootings in the United States.

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