What kind of trophy boat “Ackerman” became part of the Black Sea Fleet?

Formerly owned by the Ukrainian Navy, the Akkerman small armored artillery boat became part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. On the armored boat project 58155 “Gyurza-M” St. Andrew's flag was raised, “Ackerman” assigned a new tail number “201”. AiF. ru was looking for information about this ship, which recently joined the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. ” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Armored boat project 58155 “Gyurza-M” “Ackerman” rejoined the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

How did you get it?

“Ackerman” was abandoned by Ukrainian sailors in the port of Berdyansk. The boat was in good condition and was ready for battle when it passed into the hands of Russian sailors. First he was transferred to Novorossiysk, then went to Sevastopol. At present, the boat “Ackerman” develops the Sevastopol Bay and the nearest water surroundings of the city.


The boat was built on the slipway of the Kyiv shipbuilding enterprise “Lenin's Forge”. It was launched in 2015, and handed over to the fleet a year later.

The boat during the tests showed very good driving performance, smooth operation of systems and mechanisms, as well as survivability and reliability.

It belongs to the Gyurza-M project. His appointment — patrol service on the rivers and in the coastal sea zone with a distance of no more than 50 miles from the home port. In addition, it is suitable for protecting navigation on border rivers, participating in the rescue operations of ships and aircraft in distress, and participating in operations to combat manifestations of piracy, illegal migration and smuggling.

Length of “Ackerman” ; about 21 meters, width — about 5 meters, displacement — 38 tons. Crew — five people, it is planned to place a reconnaissance and landing group of up to eight people with weapons. Good living conditions have been created for the crew. Inside the bow of the hull are cabins for the entire crew, including a separate cabin for the commander.

Responsible areas of the boat (wheelhouse, weapons compartments, fuel tanks, engine compartment) are armored, which allows the boat to come into close fire contact with an enemy armed with small arms.

Maximum travel speed — 28 knots.

Boats “Gyurza” has a high degree of automation of the main systems — monitoring of watertightness of bulkheads and the presence of outboard water in each compartment, an autonomous fire protection system and an internal television network. The filtering ventilation system also plays an important role, which allows operations to be performed in areas contaminated with toxic substances.


Armament of boats of the Gyurza-M project consists of two remote weapon stations, which include a 30-mm automatic cannon, a 7.62-mm machine gun, a 30-mm grenade launcher and two installations of Barrier anti-tank missiles. with laser guidance system.

The boat is equipped with the Owl optical-electronic target detection and fire control system. and, in addition, has a set of portable air defense systems. Boats of the Gyurza-M project hardly noticeable to radar and infrared means of a potential enemy. Boats “Gyurza” built using elements of stealth technology, such as a strong slope of the superstructure and walls on both sides. This gives a significant increase in the area of ​​radar reflectivity. To reduce background heat, engine exhaust gases are vented below the waterline. The entire hull was divided into six watertight compartments.

In addition, the gray ship literally merges with the waves, you can notice it from afar — not an easy task.


It was previously reported that the boat's guns cannot fire effectively without using a counterweight to improve stability and stabilize the weapon station.

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