Russian Ambassador considers sufficient number of Russian troops in Ukraine

Russian Ambassador to Britain Kelin found sufficient number of Russian troops in Ukraine Moscow is able to achieve the goal with “limited conventional means,” he added u003d”The Russian ambassador considered the number of Russian troops in Ukraine sufficient” />

Andrey Kelin

Russia does not need to increase the number of troops participating in a special military operation in Ukraine, Andrey, the Russian ambassador to the UK, said in an interview with the BBC Kelin.

He said this while answering a journalist's question about whether Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The diplomat ruled out such a possibility, pointing out that, in accordance with Russian military doctrine, it cannot be used in such conflicts, “basically [we are talking about situations] where the existence of the state is threatened.”

Kelin said that Russia would solve the situation in Ukraine “through an operation carried out by limited conventional means.” “Perhaps you have noticed that we are not increasing the number of our troops there. It seems to us that they are enough to deal with the situation,»,— he said.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not disclose the number of troops involved in the operation in Ukraine. At the end of February, the department emphasized that only contract servicemen and officers take part in the hostilities, there are no conscripts among them. However, the ministry later admitted that “several facts have come to light”; the presence of conscripts in the ranks of the military on the territory of a neighboring country; as Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on March 9, “practically all” some of them have already been brought to Russia.

The day before, President Vladimir Putin signed a law abolishing the upper age limit for the conclusion of the first contract for military service. Previously, Russians under the age of 40 could serve in the army under a contract, foreigners— up to 30. Now you can conclude a contract with the Russian army until the end of working age (till the age of retirement).

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on May 21 announced that in the fighting on the side of Kyiv 700 thousand people take part. Ukraine announced mobilization.

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