In Germany, they decided to simplify the entry of Russian human rights activists and activists

A simplified procedure for obtaining a visa to Germany is proposed to be introduced for Russians who, due to criticism of the authorities, “are subjected to harassment and threats”, representatives of the opposition, NGO workers, human rights activists and journalists

German Interior Minister Nancy Feser said that the German government decided to simplify the entry of Russians who are in a vulnerable position in their homeland due to criticism of the Russian government, ZDF reports.

“We offer protection in Germany to Russians who are being persecuted and threatened,” — the minister said. We are talking primarily about human rights activists, opposition representatives and journalists who oppose the Russian military operation in Ukraine, she said. According to the minister, Russian journalists will have the opportunity to engage in professional activities “freely and independently of Germany.”

According to t-online, the Cabinet proposes to reduce bureaucratic procedures for obtaining a residence permit, as well as extend the period of stay from 90 days, which is now allowed on a Schengen visa, to a longer one. Spiegel writes that the procedure will include a check by the German security authorities, more details are not provided yet.

The publication notes that it is proposed to extend the simplified procedure to human rights activists who in Russia “are at particular risk due to ties with Germany”; scientists, representatives and supporters of the opposition who publicly spoke out against the fighting in Ukraine; those who were included in the register of foreign agents; people who are associated with non-governmental organizations recognized as undesirable in Russia; independent media journalists who face pressure and threats.

Last week, The Guardian reported that the German authorities decided to simplify the issuance of visas for Russian qualified IT and communication technology specialists: to exempt them from individual assessment of a visa application through the federal employment department. The measure will be valid until the end of September, it will affect Russian employees of German companies earning at least €43 thousand a year.

From the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine until the beginning of May, Germany issued more than 600 visas for Russian skilled workers, which allow you to stay in the country longer than a Schengen visa. DPA, citing the German Foreign Ministry, reported that in April the embassy in Moscow issued about 350 work visas, and the consulate general in St. Petersburg— another 190, most of the recipients already worked in German companies.

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