Ministry of Education and Science: leaving the Bologna system will not be a return to the Soviet

Rejection of the Bologna system of education does not imply that the country will return to the Soviet method, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Afanasyev said on May 30 at a meeting of the council of rectors of creative universities.

He stressed that the previous system was in demand “in specific historical circumstances that do not exist now”, and the replacement should come with something that “will be built taking into account all the accumulated experience”; taking into account the current interests of the country.

Afanasiev noted that a transition period from the Bologna system to the national one is envisaged, without a radical abolition.

«The system will be national, focused on our international interests, taking into account the interests of applicants and universities. Therefore, it definitely requires a professional-expert discussion. We intend to organize it in the near future,” the Deputy Minister noted.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov previously stressed that Russia is working on a new vision of the education system.


The Ministry of Education is sure that the return to the specialist and the rejection of the Bologna system will improve the quality of teacher training in the country.

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