Syrian Foreign Ministry compares Turkey’s operations on the border with ethnic cleansing

Syria considered Turkey's actions on its northeastern border illegal, and also saw in them similarities to ethnic cleansing. Ankara previously announced plans to launch a new military operation in Syria to create a security zone

Syria considers Turkey's actions to create a “security zone” illegal; on its territory, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

“Any measures or actions carried out by the government of the Turkish regime on Syrian territory, primarily its policy of ethnic cleansing in the occupied Syrian territories, are illegal,”— said the ministry.

Damascus believes that the Turkish authorities want to create an “explosive outpost” inside the country; and “continue to sponsor and arm terrorist organizations.”

The Foreign Ministry stressed that Syria reserves the right to take all measures provided by law and international law to put an end to ” occupation and ethnic cleansing” carried out by Turkey.


Erdogan said last week that Turkey plans to launch a new military operation in Syria in continuation of efforts to create a 30-kilometer “safety zone” along the Turkish-Syrian border. The area is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces alliance, which includes the Kurdish YPG.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Dollar at 180: foreign analysts – about the real exchange rate of the ruble Articles Pro x The Economist Why English-speaking countries suffer more from inflation – The Economist Research Pro Why do we dream: 5 theories Articles Pro Which ruble is beneficial to the state – strong or weak ? Pro Telegram articles are getting closer to the dream of a superapp. What else is missing in the business?”In the near future, we will take new steps regarding the unfinished parts of the project that we have begun in the 30-kilometer safe zone along our southern border,” — said the Turkish president. According to Erdogan, the operation will begin as soon as the preparation of Turkish intelligence, military and security forces is completed. Later, he did not rule out that the military operation could start suddenly. Erdogan also announced his intention to completely destroy the terrorist formations in northern Syria and Iraq.

In October 2019, Turkey conducted a military operation “Source of Peace” against the Kurds in Syria near their border. Then Ankara announced the goal of creating a 30-kilometer security zone. First, the United States agreed with the Turkish side on a five-day ceasefire, after this period, Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a memorandum to stop hostilities. Ankara retained the main territory occupied during the operation, but it failed to create a security zone along the entire border with Syria.

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