Belgian PM says EU needs to pause sanctions against Russia

According to the Belgian prime minister, it will be “much more difficult” to agree on an embargo on Russian gas supplies than it was with oil. He suggested that the EU wait with new sanctions and see what the effect of the sixth package will be .jpg” alt=”The Prime Minister of Belgium said that the EU needs to take a pause in the sanctions against Russia” />

Alexandre de Cros

The EU after the introduction of the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions needs to “pause” and look at the consequences, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cros said, according to Bloomberg.

“This package [of sanctions] is a big step forward and I think we should pause now,”— de Cros said.

Answering a question from journalists about a possible embargo on Russian gas, the prime minister noted that it would be “much more difficult” to agree on a decision on it than it was with oil.

“So this [the imposition of the sixth package of sanctions] is an important step. Let's stop there and see what effect it will have, — he said (quoted by Barron's).

The European Union on the evening of May 30 agreed to a partial ban on Russian oil imports as part of the sixth round of sanctions. The ban will be imposed on offshore oil supplies and will not affect exports through pipelines, through which EU members, including Hungary, Germany and Poland, received about a third of the oil.

At the same time, Germany and Poland decided to independently abandon any form of Russian oil supplies (by sea and pipelines). Therefore, by the end of the year, it will be sent to the EU only through the southern part of the Druzhba pipeline, which accounts for 10% of the total volume of oil bought by the EU from Russia, explained the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin called Europe's energy policy “economic suicide”. According to him, along with Russian energy resources, “the possibility of increasing economic activity will also leave Europe for other regions of the world.” As a result, it will become the region with the “highest cost of resources in the world”, which “may seriously undermine the competitiveness of a significant part of European industry”, the President noted.

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