“Just him”: McDonald’s applied for registration of new brands

The company decided to return to the Russian market under other names.

On May 27, the American company McDonald’s filed an application with Rospatent for three new brands under which it will be ready to serve Russian customers.

According to “Moscow”s agency, three new brands – “Fun and delicious”, “Free cashier”, “This is it”, “Exactly it”, “Compass” and others – can be registered under different classes of the international classification of goods and services.

Together, if the registration is confirmed, they enable the company to trade and manufacture soup products, drinks (non-alcoholic), ice cream, sandwiches, shrimp and other products.

It is assumed that fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and takeaway bars will operate under these names in Russia. The opening of establishments is possible as early as June 12.

At the same time, the restaurant seat and the menu are preserved.

As Topnews wrote earlier, McDonald’s announced its withdrawal from the Russian market back in mid-May, after two months since the beginning of the CBO, it has retained the places and salaries of employees.

In May, McDonald’s announced that it was selling the Russian segment of the business to its licensee Alexander Govor.

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