Lukashenka told the details of the KGB special operation in Ukraine

According to Lukashenka, the special services worked “without firing a shot” and freed “several dozens” of Belarusian citizens who were stuck in Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation. Two Belarusians were killed there, the president said

Alexander Lukashenko

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko awarded employees of the State Security Committee of the republic for “a special operation in Ukraine to free Belarusian citizens.” The video was published by the Telegram channel Pool of the First.

“I am grateful to you for the operation that you carried out to free our people from de facto captivity. Several dozens of Belarusian citizens, obviously not of their own free will, turned out to be hostages, and not only of the situation, but also of individual desires of the worst people in Ukraine, — said Lukashenka.

According to him, when Russia launched the “special operation”, “a few dozen of our people” remained in Ukraine, and they “should have been returned home to their families.” Two citizens, the president said, failed to return. “They were simply brazenly killed by the Ukrainians. The time will come, we will deal with them, & mdash; said Lukashenka.

He recalled that in early April, the special services carried out a special operation to return the Belarusians home. According to him, they worked “without firing a shot.” “A very noble cause for a military man. Without noise, without shots, return dozens of people home, & mdash; noted the president.

On April 7, Lukashenka announced that Belarus had carried out a “special operation to free its citizens” in Ukraine, BelTA informs. “It got to the point that these scoundrels began to capture our people there [in Ukraine], primarily drivers of cars who got there at that time,” — he declared. According to the president, 1,500 Belarusian wagons were arrested in Ukraine, “cars and up to a hundred children were seized. who drove these trucks. “I warned the Ukrainians that we would be forced to conduct a special operation to free these people. We carried out such a special operation and freed all our people, — Lukashenka said then.

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