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​The last bells have rung out in the country, 9th and 11th graders are writing the Unified State Examination and the Unified State Examination, and schools are summing up the results of this academic year.

The main task of the national project “Education” is to ensure equal access of children to quality education, regardless of the place of residence and social status of the child. For this, new schools are being opened, and old ones are being refurbished. In 2021, 130 new schools were opened. And in just the last three years, more than 300 new schools have been built, which have adopted & nbsp; more than 196 thousand students. According to the plans, 1.3 thousand new schools will be built by the end of 2024.

In the next 5 years, it is planned to repair and reconstruct 7, 3  thousand school buildings. Moreover, 3 thousand of them – mostly rural –  will be renovated in  2022-2023. And by the beginning of this academic year, they will update & nbsp; over & nbsp; 8 thousand schools in the countryside, another 1.5 thousand will lead to standards by the end of the year. And by the end of 2024, all 27,000 rural schools will be refurbished.

In the Vladimir region for high school students  School No. 46 in the Kommunar microdistrict rang in the new building, where they spent the entire last academic year. The school has spacious & nbsp; classrooms, an assembly hall for 360 seats, a multifunctional transforming sports hall, two swimming pools.  New classrooms with modern equipment, laptops, interactive whiteboards and new laboratories helped the children prepare for the exam.  “Technical innovations come to the aid of teachers in teaching children and preparing them for the state final certification, & nbsp; – says math teacher Lydia Adamenko. – Thanks to modern equipment, the guys & nbsp; mastered the graphic editor, learned how to create presentations, projects and much more. “I am grateful to the teachers for their care, knowledge and parting words,” says a graduate of the school Gleb Levkin. – I remember how on the first of September we came to study at a new school with new beautiful classrooms. In preparation for the exams, we were tested on new computers. The interactive whiteboard helped a lot, which made it possible to perceive information much faster, to organize feedback between the student and the teacher.

At the school “Formula of Success” in the Belgorod region, landscaping is being carried out. On the territory will be built  a stadium with basketball and volleyball markings, sports grounds, a power camp. For children who get to school by bicycle, a large bicycle parking will be built. The school for 1100 places will be ready to accept students on September 1. The new educational institution has 6 buildings with an area of ​​u200bu200bmore than 18.5 thousand square meters. It provides for classrooms, large and small swimming pools, a transformable assembly hall and a sports hall with safety flooring, a library with a reading room, elevators for children with disabilities. “We plan to develop IT areas. – said the director Vladislav Bobolovich.– To do this, we have 3 computer science rooms. There, students will be engaged in robotics, circuitry, virtual reality. We will place special emphasis on the formation of school IT teams. Plus, the opening of medical & nbsp; classes – the necessary equipment has already been purchased for this.

A new school for 60 students has been opened in the hard-to-reach village of Khmelev, Tobolsk district. Children from neighboring villages will come here to study – Elani and Ahmanai. The original building was built in the 80s. The new building turned out to be bright, spacious & nbsp; and cozy. It is equipped with modern appliances and furniture, “smart” digital boards, and NaukoLabs there is even a group of preschoolers. In the chemistry room there is a whole laboratory. Plus, there is a library, a spacious gym and two whole coworking zones. And in the courtyard there is a multifunctional sports ground with an area for the delivery of the TRP, a treadmill and a children's play complex.

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