The Central Bank advised employees not to travel to unfriendly countries

The recommendation is related to the geopolitical situation and a possible threat to the security of Russians outside the country, writes The Bell. Particular attention in the letter of the Central Bank is paid to employees with access to state secrets

The Bank of Russia “strongly recommended” employees to refrain from visiting countries included in the list of unfriendly, reports The Bell, citing a letter from the deputy chairmen of the regulator German Zubarev and Ruslan Vesterovsky. A Frank Media source close to the Central Bank confirmed that such recommendations were verbal in the spring.

Recommendations were issued in connection with the “current geopolitical situation in the world, the possible realization of a security threat to Russian citizens when they are outside it , as well as the presence of potential risks associated with their return.

“We pay special attention to the necessity of refusing to leave the employees of the Bank of Russia admitted to state secrets to these countries,” — noted in the document.

The Bell notes that the letter is advisory in nature, employees are allowed to read it against signature. According to him, it is addressed to the deputy chairmen of the Central Bank, members of the board of directors, heads of structural divisions of the central office, territorial offices and other divisions of the Bank of Russia.

RBC sent a request to the Central Bank.

In early March, the Chairman of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, recorded a video message to the employees, in which she called on the team to be united and “set aside any differences.” in the face of economic and political shocks. She also advised to step back from the tense geopolitical situation, not to enter into political disputes at home, at work and in social networks.

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The Russian government approved a list of states committing unfriendly actions against Russia in March. It includes all 27 EU countries, Great Britain, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and others. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Moscow “still softly calls” Western countries are unfriendly, however, in fact, these states are hostile.

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