Ukrainian refugees began to leave Bulgaria after complaints about conditions

According to the Bulgarian Red Cross, over 1,600 Ukrainians crossed the border with Romania in the last 24 hours alone. People complain about problems with water and food, as well as about the cold.

Ukrainian refugees began to leave Bulgaria because of living conditions, BNT TV channel reports.

According to the Bulgarian Red Cross, over the past 24 hours, the border with More than 1.6 thousand Ukrainians crossed through Romania. The outflow of refugees has been observed for about 10 days, the organization reported.

According to the Border Police, from May 16 to May 22, 9.5 thousand Ukrainians entered through checkpoints on the border with Romania, while leaving the country 13 thousand. Over the past week, 8 thousand refugees arrived in Bulgaria, and 18 thousand left.

Ukrainians complain about poor living conditions in refugee centers. In particular, in the city of Elhovo, where more than 560 Ukrainian citizens from the city of Burgas on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria have been accommodated, there are problems with water and food for children, and it is also cold there, Ukrainians complain. A group of 20 refugees also refused to live in the recreation center in Veliko Tarnovo, where they were taken from Varna, due to unsuitable conditions. They were moved to a hotel in Gornja Oryakhovitsa.

About 300,000 Ukrainians have moved to Bulgaria since the end of February. According to the head of the State Agency for Refugees, Mariana Tosheva, some of them complained about the conditions. In particular, they were dissatisfied with the lack of a hair dryer in the rooms, and in the menu of restaurants at hotels— meat, she said.

Since June 1, the Bulgarian authorities have reduced the amount of compensation for accommodation in Bulgarian hotels and recreation centers for refugees from Ukraine— from BGN 40 (about €20) to BGN 15 (about €7.5) per day. For this money, hoteliers must arrange accommodation and three meals a day. About 500 hotels have agreed to work under the new rules.

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