Investigative Committee of Pridnestrovie announced sabotage in the area of ​​deployment of peacekeepers

On June 5, a drone dropped two explosive devices on the territory of the vehicle fleet of the reserve unit of the Russian peacekeeping forces near the village of Vladimirovka. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on sabotage about sabotage in the area of ​​deployment of peacekeepers” />

The Investigative Committee of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) reported a sabotage that occurred the day before near the village of Vladimirovka, according to the agency's website.

According to investigators, at about 05:10 on June 5, a drone dropped two explosive devices (presumably grenades RGD-5) on the territory of the vehicle fleet of the reserve unit of the peacekeeping contingent. Nobody was hurt, there was no damage. Specialists who arrived at the scene seized fragments of explosive devices.

After the war in Transnistria in 1992, on the initiative of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, a Joint Control Commission was created to manage the peacekeeping operation. It controls the ceasefire agreement in the demilitarized zone on the border between Moldova and Ukraine. The commission includes representatives of the unrecognized PMR, Moldova and Russia. According to the agreement, Russian military personnel may be stationed in Transnistria. 277 of the PMR Criminal Code (sabotage).

The situation in the PMR escalated at the end of April, when explosions occurred near the building of the Ministry of State Security in Tiraspol and in the vicinity of the radio and television center in the village of Mayak, and an attack on a military unit in the village of Parkany took place. The authorities of the republic called these incidents acts of terrorism; since April 26, a “red” has been operating on the territory of an unrecognized state. terrorist threat level. Moldovan President Maia Sandu linked the incidents to “various forces within Transnistria” interested in destabilizing the situation.

At the end of the month, the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that shots were fired from Ukrainian territory in the direction of the village of Kolbasna, where one of the largest ammunition depots in Europe is located. In early May, the department announced the prevention of a terrorist attack at a radio and television center in the village of Mayak. On May 7, four explosions occurred near the village of Voronkovo ​​near the border with Ukraine. On May 13, in Tiraspol, a man threw two Molotov cocktails into the military enlistment office building.

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