Poland allows forced management in companies under sanctions

Such management will be introduced to prepare companies for further sale, which will be possible by court order. More than 30 Russian companies are under Polish sanctions

Poland has adopted amendments to the law on sanctions: now the country will have an institution of compulsory management of companies that have fallen under restrictions in order to prepare them for further sale, Gazeta Olsztynska reports.

According to the document, a temporary administration will be created in sub-sanctioned companies, in addition, measures will be developed to provide financial support to workers. The administration will prepare the companies for sale. Under Polish law, the sale can be carried out with the consent of the owners, but in this case, the decision on the sale can be made by the court.

If the company being sold is owned or founded by employees, they will have an advantage over other buyers. In addition, if employees own the company by more than 50%, then they will have the right to purchase it from the administration by force.

The law also provides for the possibility of expropriating the company for compensation if this is necessary in interests of the state.

Poland imposed sanctions against Russia in April this year. The list included Russian businessmen and companies: among them — founder of UC Rusal, Oleg Deripaska; co-owner of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman; owner of Severstal Alexey Mordashov and 11 other people; Gazprom, NOVATEK, KAMAZ, Kaspersky Lab, PhosAgro— only three dozen companies.

According to Gazeta Olsztynska, the restrictions imply the freezing of financial and economic resources, the deprivation of the opportunity to receive government orders in Poland, and the undesirability of people to stay in the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia, thoughtless and insane. He pointed out that in this way foreign states tried to “crush the Russian economy”, but they “failed.”

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