“Burn the witch”: why ex-Minister Kneisl, who danced with Putin, had to flee

Modern Europe again requires sacrifice

It's a strange feeling that the world is turning upside down. It seems that people from the Middle East have always sought to escape to Europe – the citadel of democracy, an island of well-being, a symbol of a well-fed and calm life. And then suddenly the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Kneissl runs to Lebanon, fleeing from death threats.

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Kneissl headed the Austrian Foreign Ministry in 2017-2019. It is quite possible that the broad masses of Russia would never have known about this, but in 2018, Vladimir Putin was invited to Kneisl's wedding with Wolfgang Meilinger. He arrived, danced with the bride, gave a Tula samovar, an old oil extractor and a painting.

Already in 2020, amid the pandemic, the former minister managed to fight with her husband – they did not get along in isolation. Madame Kneissl “drummed” him “on the upper body”, for which she grabbed a couple of bream. The court sided with the woman – took away the gun from Mailinger and forbade him to approach his wife.

In June 2021, the main gift from Russia arrived in time – Kneisl joined the board of directors of the Russian oil company (the government of the Russian Federation nominated the candidate) as an independent director.

However, in the spring of this year, good relations with Russia played a cruel joke on Kneisl. The European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it called for the inclusion of Karin Kneissl and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in the EU sanctions list if they do not leave their posts in the Russian company. Schröder resigned from the board of directors on May 21, and Kneissl two days later.

And this Tuesday, Kneissl told the Washington Post that she had emigrated from Austria because of constant “murder threats” against her. She did not give any details, saying that she does not give interviews. Journalists noticed that in her social network account, Kneisl indicated Lebanon as her location. In her case, this is understandable – she is a recognized expert on the Middle East, lived there for a long time, knows languages, and even her father was the personal pilot of the King of Jordan.

However, the very fact of the flight of a politician, a retired minister of prosperous Austria – for death threats – a phenomenon for modern Europe seems to be new.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday, during a conversation with reporters, said that the former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry “was subjected to harassment, the practice of cancellation and so on.” According to him, “absolutely unbearable conditions were created for her.” “Of course, these are such bad symptoms, this indicates that society is unhealthy … This is such an alarming bell for a society that is capable of this,” Peskov said.

New, as you know, is good forgotten old. “The practice of cancellation” is generally pre-Christian times. Then, too, “not like everyone else” tribes were expelled to live in the desert, creating “completely unbearable conditions.” In the case of Kneisl, and she is certainly not like everyone else (she danced with Putin, received money from the Russians, sympathizes with Russia), a more modern and more effective method was used. However, Europe is also familiar: “Burn the witch!”.

So the feeling that the world is turning upside down is a strange feeling, because it is wrong. Nothing is flipped. On the contrary, the world is finally showing its true face.

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