The EU began preparations for the use of Russian assets in favor of Ukraine

Kyiv called for the use of Russian assets to restore Ukraine, the idea was supported in Britain, the USA and Canada. The European Commission began to develop a legal framework. Moscow calls such actions theft

Ursula von der Leyen

Brussels is preparing a legal framework for the transfer of frozen Russian assets, including the property of “oligarchs”, for the restoration of Ukraine after the end of hostilities, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said at a press conference in Strasbourg.

She noted that the EU has not previously organized restoration work of this magnitude, so the “most talented and best” will be involved in the discussion of this issue. experts from all over the world.

Von der Leyen called the conference on the restoration of Ukraine held on July 4 & 5 in Lugano, Switzerland a success. At it, Kyiv presented a plan worth $750 billion and called for the use of Russian property frozen due to sanctions in rebuilding the country (according to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, the value of such assets is $300-500 billion).


This measure was previously supported by the British Foreign Office and the US Department of Justice. The Senate of Canada has already approved an initiative to confiscate and sell Russian assets with the subsequent use of “restoration of a foreign state that suffered as a result of a gross violation of international peace and security”, “restoration of international peace and security” and payment of compensation to the victims.

Swiss President Ignazio Cassis at a conference in Lugano stressed that the right to property— fundamental human right and it can be violated only if there are legal grounds. Cassis pointed out that the confiscation of Russian assets “would be ideal for the situation in Ukraine”, but would also set a precedent for similar decisions in “many other situations”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said that “stealing other people's assets” will lead to problems for those who deal with it. The Kremlin emphasized that such a decision by Western countries would be “illegal, blatant.”

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