The State Duma summed up the results of the session: “Covid trained us”

Deputies argued about those who left

The State Duma has completed its spring session. For six months, the deputies adopted 361 laws, about 35% of them are “socially significant,” said speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. Summing up, the faction leaders talked a lot about consolidation, economic mobilization and support for the position of the president.

“Those who love their country , they don’t leave, in difficult times they don’t leave her face to face with challenges, ”Volodin said at the last meeting of the Duma. Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

By tradition, the last plenary session begins with awards. This time, among the noted was the Deputy Prime Minister, head of the government apparatus Dmitry Grigorenko. Presenting him with an honorary badge “For merits in the development of parliamentarism”, Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said: in this session, the government introduced more than 30% of all bills, and among the adopted government laws – the lion's share.

Mr. Grigorenko in response noted that “the covid, of course, has greatly trained us all in terms of speed of decision-making,” apparently meaning that in the conditions of a military special operation, the skills acquired during the epidemic, quickly writing and adopting anti-crisis laws, were very useful.

Both volumes and speed are already impressive. Only on July 6, for example, the deputies adopted 42 laws in the third reading, and 3 laws in both the second and third readings.

Again, by tradition, at the end of the session, the leaders of the Duma factions shared their impressions about it.

Gennady Zyuganov admitted that he was “still anxious” in his heart: “the battle that has engulfed the entire planet is intensifying,” but in Russia “there is no internal mobilization, proper cohesion, and a full-fledged ideology.” “Sometimes I look at this relaxation, especially in the media, and it just takes me aback,” said the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

The speaker of the State Duma is trying to establish a dialogue of all factions, but the Communists are not always constructive with United Russia it turns out, he lamented: “almost three dozen laws of the Arakcheev nature have been adopted, designed to humiliate, shut up and pin everyone who does not agree with this policy to the wall. This is not good, this is not work and not dialogue,” Mr. Zyuganov said.

Just on this day, a law was adopted that tightens 8 existing articles of the Criminal Code, including the article “Treason”, and supplements it with five new ones.

The leader of the LDPR faction recalled that in this session the country, both the faction and the party survived the “greatest tragedy” – Vladimir Zhirinovsky passed away. “What is happening today in Ukraine is significant,” said Leonid Slutsky. Russia cannot be taken by military means, but it can be taken by “changing the educational level of our youth,” he is sure.

“I have a feeling that in some regions there are still such expectations – well, it will somehow resolve, we’ll wait, everything will return to normal … It won’t return. Life is completely different, it poses new challenges to which adequate answers must be sought,” the leader of the “SR” faction, Sergei Mironov, worries. He promised to introduce the next version of the progressive income tax bill in the autumn: the previous versions were not supported by the government and the Duma majority.

Aleksey Nechaev, leader of the New People faction, called the current situation “unique.” There is a shortage of goods, raw materials, components – and the national business could fill these niches, he said, but the government “does not sufficiently” support its manufacturers. It is also necessary to “give those who left the opportunity to return,” says Mr. Nechaev.

Vladimir Vasiliev (ER), who was the last to speak, suggested to Gennady Zyuganov that “there should be less emphasis on sharp things and more interaction.” “Now strikes are coming from everywhere. Sometimes you talk about something and think: perhaps we need to create more closed commissions that could work in a secret mode, because sometimes you feel like a gunner for someone else's artillery. We raise some topic, and you begin to understand that those who are unfriendly to us are watching this topic very carefully, ”United Russia shared his concern. And the mobilization economy, according to him, is “now being partially implemented.”

“Everyone was talking about one thing – consolidation,” the speaker summed up the speeches of his colleagues. He does not agree with Mr. Nechaev: “those who love their country do not leave, in difficult times they are not left alone with challenges,” Mr. Volodin said to the applause of the audience. “The longer they stay there, experiencing a difficult time on warm beaches, the more difficult it will be for them to return,” he warned.

in the DPR and LPR: the State Duma promised to help their parliaments “in the formation of the legal field”, and summer is the time to do this, he is sure.


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