Yanukovych urged Ukrainians to decide: fight or save what’s left

The decision to continue the struggle “until the last Ukrainian” or to preserve that part of the state that can still be saved should be made by the citizens of the country, the former president of Ukraine believes. All points of view should be listened to, he said

Viktor Yanukovych

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych invited the Ukrainians to decide whether they want to fight further “until the last Ukrainian” or save at least part of the country. Yanukovych's appeal was published by press secretary Yuriy Kirasir on Facebook (owned by the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist and banned).

“It seems to me that today, more than ever, an adequate assessment of the situation and respect for the most diverse opinions of Ukrainian citizens are required. Citizens themselves must make a choice— fight “until the last Ukrainian” or try to save what is left, — urged the fourth president of Ukraine.

“It is important to give everyone who has constructive proposals an opportunity to speak and to give peace a chance. This will save the lives of Ukrainians and save the future for Ukraine,— Yanukovych thinks.

He also described the current government in Ukraine as “inexperienced.”

“Everyone knows that the current Ukrainian government is inexperienced and adventurous. And, of course, there can be no talk of any unconditional trust in her, even in the absence of alternative sources of information. says Yanukovych.

According to him, people are tired of propaganda, and the information policy of the Kyiv authorities brings “great harm” and “outlived its usefulness”.

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This is not the first time Yanukovych has made assessments of the situation in connection with Russia's special operation in Ukraine. On May 27, he announced the danger of the complete destruction of the country's statehood. “No matter how painful it is for me to write about this today, the statehood of Ukraine is in extreme danger. She is in danger of total annihilation. At the same time, we are talking not only about the risk of losing huge territories in the south and east of the country, — Yanukovych said then. In his opinion, “the current situational rapprochement [of Kyiv] with Poland threatens a situation where Ukraine will be forced to actually merge with it.” “This will be the result of the realization of the European dream, for which the Ukrainian people supposedly went to their last Maidan,” — the former president predicted.

He said that Ukraine would have to sit down at the negotiating table with Russia, but the peace treaty would not be concluded in favor of Kyiv.

Prior to this, Yanukovych called on Zelensky to stop the bloodshed in the country and reach a peace agreement « at any cost.” “I want to appeal to Vladimir Zelensky in a presidential and even a little paternal way. Vladimir Alexandrovich, you probably dream of becoming a real hero! But heroism is not ostentatious, it is not about fighting to the last Ukrainian. He is in self-sacrifice, in the victory over his own pride and ambitions for the sake of saving people's lives, — declared March 8, Yanukovych, emphasizing that “in any tragedy there is a moment when it can still be stopped.” Amid mass protests in Kyiv, he left for Russia. After that, the Verkhovna Rada decided to remove him from power, and in 2015 the parliament passed a law depriving him of the title of president.

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