What kind of law on “de-bureaucratization” of teachers’ work has been adopted in Russia?

The bureaucratic burden on teachers will be reduced. Russia has adopted a law that will save teachers from excessive reporting. This was reported on the website of the State Duma.

Deputies adopted the law on July 6 in the third reading. It contains amendments to the current Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation”.

How exactly will the new law make teachers' work easier?

Less reporting

First of all, the law will prohibit requiring teachers to report beyond the standard list of documentation to be approved by the Ministry of Education.

Currently, Russia has an analogue list of such documentation. This  letter  "On Reducing the Documentation Load of Teachers", compiled and sent to the regions of the Russian Federation by the Ministry of Education and the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science in 2020. However, the document is advisory in nature and cannot solve the problem of the workload of teachers with reports, but it exists.

Amendments to the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” will allow teachers to get a clear list and requirements for the form, composition and content of educational, methodological and other documentation, the preparation of which is part of their official duties. Moreover, the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will not be able to independently supplement this list without the consent of the Ministry of Education.

“The state authority of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation, exercising state administration in the field of education, in agreement with the Ministry of Education will have the right to approve an additional list of documentation , the preparation of which is carried out by pedagogical workers, — noted in the State Duma.

Electronic document management

In addition,  schools will be able to switch to electronic document management, which will allow removing some of the paperwork from teachers. 

"Educational organization has the right to use electronic document management in its activities, which provides for the creation, signing, use and storage of documents related to educational relations. The decision to introduce electronic document management and the procedure for its implementation are approved by the educational organization in agreement with its founder, — said in the adopted amendments to the Federal Law.

At the same time, you will not have to duplicate electronic documents on paper. The law says that this should not be done, “unless otherwise provided by this federal law.”

What is the workload of Russian teachers now? 

As stated in the explanatory note to the law, sociological research in the period 2019-2021 revealed at least 49 types of different reporting documentation, completed by teachers. It is also noted that the Russian education system turned out to be the most bureaucratic among the educational systems of 36 countries of the world.

“A Russian teacher works over 46 hours a week, spending more than 15 hours on filling out plans and reports, as well as preparing for lessons for more than 15 hours», — said in the document.

The new law will help teachers to spend less time on reports and focus on education and education of schoolchildren, the State Duma noted.

Sources : duma.gov.ru, sozd.duma.gov.ru

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