Putin spoke terrible words about the future of Ukrainians

Russia is being forced to start a special operation in Ukraine “in earnest”

At the request for “exercises” since March 1 this year, the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense has 847 messages. This is not only throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to Amur, but also abroad, joint training. And live firing – artillery, missiles, aviation, fleet, tank maneuvers. All this fiery machinery, the consumption of ammunition, diesel and jet fuel – against the backdrop of the ongoing SVO. This is enough to understand the superficial meaning of Putin's words: “Russia has not yet started anything in earnest in Ukraine.”

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In fact, this is exactly what Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov explained on Friday: “Putin thus reminded that the potentials are completely incommensurable. Russia's potential is so great in this regard that only a small part of it is now being used in the course of a special military operation.

There is even a version why Russia “didn't start in earnest”. Because so far the special operation is being carried out on “their own land” (which, by the way, Putin also spoke about earlier). Not only territorially, but also in spirit, because the inhabitants of these lands consider Russia their homeland.

Well, how will he start? And when will it start?

And here you need to listen to what else Putin said. And he uttered terrible words: “The desire of the West to fight us to the last Ukrainian is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. But that seems to be the way things are going.” The words are terrible, but this is not a threat, but a statement of fact. A statement of the future that “Western friends” doom Ukrainians to.

“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield, well, what can I say, let them try,” the president said and added that the “further, the more difficult” it will be to negotiate with Russia.

This means a simple thing – the West did not want to hear Russia for decades and eventually began to take words without action for weakness. I believed in the possibility of ignoring Russia. Now in Ukraine, Russia, if you follow the logic of the president, so far only demonstrates that we need to negotiate, you see what your unwillingness to hear us leads to. And it would be better for the West to agree, because the “further, the more difficult” it will be.

But even this illustrative, nowhere more clearly, demonstration to the West, as Putin says, does not work – they are fighting with the wrong hands, “until the last Ukrainian”.

So it is possible that Russia will be forced to start “in earnest”, and, apparently, quite soon. Remember what Putin said to Shoigu – the West and East groups continue to carry out tasks, while the Center group should rest and recuperate? And there are not so many of their “spiritual” lands ahead.

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