British specialists train Ukrainian military against Russia

The British Ministry of Defense purchased Kalashnikov assault rifles to help Kyiv

Ukrainian servicemen arrived in the UK for special training from British military specialists. Up to 10,000 recruits will be trained over several weeks to learn how to fight against Russia.

Photo: Global Look Press

The British military has begun training Ukrainian soldiers in a new program that will help them fight against Russia, according to The Guardian.

Up to 10,000 Ukrainian troops will arrive in the UK for special military training that will last several weeks. The UK Ministry of Defense confirmed that the first group of Ukrainian troops met with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace on Thursday.

Wallace, who was widely expected to launch a campaign to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party , called this program the next stage of British support for the Ukrainian army.

“Using the experience of the world-class British army, we will help Ukraine rebuild its strength and strengthen resistance,” — said the head of the British Ministry of Defense.

Ukraine is losing up to 200 soldiers daily, according to The Guardian, meaning that preparing reinforcements away from the threat of Russian attacks is critical to Kyiv's war effort.

About 1,050 British troops are being deployed to carry out the program, which will take place at four unnamed MoD sites in the northwest, southwest and southeast of the UK.

The training, The Guardian explains, will give Ukrainian volunteer recruits with little to no military experience the skills they need to effectively fight on the front lines. Based on the basic training of soldiers in the UK, the course covers the handling of weapons, first aid on the battlefield, field skills, patrol tactics and the law of armed conflict.

The British government, which has so far invested £2.3bn in military aid to Ukraine, has also bought AK rifles for the exercise so that Ukrainian soldiers can train with the weapons they will use on the front lines.

The United States also provide training for the Ukrainian military, and senior officers are trained at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.

In mid-June, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who visited Kyiv, proposed a major training operation for Ukrainian forces, with the capacity to train up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days. As part of the previous operation "Orbital" The UK has trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian troops from 2015 to the start of the conflict in Ukraine. The new program will train the armed forces outside the country.

“When Ukrainian soldiers fire British missiles in defense of your country's sovereignty, they do so in defense of the very freedoms we take for granted,” – Boris Johnson said during his stay in Kyiv. – That's why I proposed to President Zelensky a major new military training program.

According to the British training program for the Ukrainian military, each soldier must spend three weeks on a training course, learning front-line combat skills, as well as basic medical training, cybersecurity and counter-explosive tactics.

The UK has previously provided Ukraine with more than £1.3 billion in economic and humanitarian assistance, including more than 5,000 NLAW anti-tank missiles, long-range multiple launch rocket systems and artillery systems, including 155 mm self-propelled guns.


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