“The treasury is empty, the security forces have surrendered”: Pandora’s box has opened in Sri Lanka

A political scientist who knows the island well predicted a sad future for it

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced that he was ready to leave the post. The decision to resign was made by the head of state after mass protests, as a result of which demonstrators broke into the presidential residence.

We talked with a political scientist who lived in Sri Lanka for a long time about further forecasts.

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Sri Lanka is drowning in protests. Rallies in the country began in April due to the severe economic crisis that paralyzed life. People were left without fuel and food. On July 9, protesters broke into the presidential residence. The head of state himself managed to escape, his whereabouts are unknown.

I have spent enough time in Sri Lanka. I managed to study the mentality of local residents, – says Alexander Ivanov. – There are two peoples living in the country, they are very different. Tamils ​​are hard workers and Sinhalese, who, in my opinion, do not differ in diligence. They definitely will not actively restore the country. And the Tamils ​​alone will not cope.

Until 2018, everything was more or less normal in Sri Lanka. And then the country flew into the abyss. I am not very optimistic about the situation, it is unlikely that the situation will stabilize in the near future. There is no need to talk about economic improvement at all.

Salaries there are nowhere lower. Teachers get about a hundred dollars, doctors are sorely lacking, they are worth their weight in gold.

Corruption is a serious problem for the country. The president's clan seized all the administration and business in the state. “Clean” them will be completely. But this will not change anything in the economic sphere. Sri Lanka has fully implemented the program of the local “Greta Thunberg”, which brought the country to default. It will take a long time to get rid of this legacy.

It will not be possible to get out of the crisis with a jerk because of the lack of education of the population. Locals of all ages count change on their fingers, subtract ten from a hundred on a calculator. I constantly watched their quick change of mood from friendly-sugar to aggression.

The situation with peace negotiations makes me laugh too. Will not work. To save the country, it is necessary to invest billions of dollars in it. But there is no free money in the world right now.

– They have actively developed social networks, which are often blocked because revolutionary moods are broadcast through them. But if the Internet is completely cut off in Sri Lanka, people will gather for rallies there even without it. Information is transmitted along the chain.

– There are a lot of police there, but they are just “decorations” in a beautiful form. In addition, corruption in the authorities rolls over. Given that the president's popularity has waned over the past two years, the security forces have no incentive to support him. Moreover, the treasury is empty, there is no one to die for. The security forces will easily go over to the side of the protesters, no problem. The crowd, in turn, no longer fears the police. Everyone understood that there was little sense from her. And after the last protests, Pandora's box opened. It will only get worse.

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