What weather awaits the residents of Moscow from 11 to 17 July?

A significant drop in temperature, precipitation and cloudy weather are expected this week in Moscow. This was reported to aif.ru by scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

What will be the temperature in Moscow during the working week?

The week starts with hot weather. Thanks to warm air masses from the southeast on Monday, July 11, the air in the capital will warm up to 30 degrees and above, but the situation will change at night, Vilfand said.

“On Tuesday, the situation will change dramatically. A cold front will move through Monday night to Tuesday. And although it will still be warm in Moscow at nighttime — about 18-19 degrees, and in the center even up to 23, it will become cooler in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon the temperature will drop by about 10 degrees, — an expert from the Hydrometeorological Center told aif.ru.

It is expected that the maximum temperature on Tuesday, July 12, will not exceed 22-24 degrees. Intermittent rains are possible at night and in the morning (precipitation — 5-10 mm). Also, when the front passes, the wind will increase up to 17 m/s, Vilfand added.

“But on Wednesday and Thursday, in general, there will be normal Moscow weather. The temperature is one degree above normal. Happy — 25, at night — 12-15 degrees of heat. And on Wednesday it will be mostly rainless, partly cloudy. Thursday afternoon — intermittent rain and more cloudy weather, — said the weatherman.

According to Roman Vilfand, from Friday the temperature outside will go down again. July 15 is expected to be partly cloudy, in some places light short-term rain. “Temperature in the range of 22 to 23 degrees,” — the forecaster added.

What will the weather be like for Muscovites at the weekend?

“On Saturday and Sunday the temperature will be below the norm by about one degree”, — Vilfand said.

According to the information of the Hydrometeorological Center, on Saturday afternoon, July 16, the average temperature in Moscow will be from 18 to 23 degrees with a further decrease. On Sunday, the thermometers will not rise above 19-20 degrees. Over the weekend partly cloudy weather is expected, short-term precipitation is possible. 

«From the beginning to the end of the week — significant drop in temperature. No significant pressure fluctuations are predicted, — the forecaster clarified.

As Roman Vilfand noted, the “unbearable heat” leaves Moscow to the east. So, in the Urals and in the Volga region, warming up to plus 30 degrees and above is possible this week.

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