According to the rolled. Mobile brigades take pensioners to medical examination

If a pensioner lives far from a major medical institution and it is inconvenient for him to get there, he will go to the doctor only in case of emergency. And such an important matter as medical examination or medical examination, and does go into the category of “someday”. National project “Demography” returned the opportunity for a full-fledged medical examination to the elderly.

«AiF» spoke with a 75-year-old resident of the village of Masalsky, Altai Territory Lyubov Solovyova,to find out about her recent trip to the doctors. In Masalsky, a FAP works with a paramedic and a nurse, they can provide first aid, give an injection, make an appointment with narrowly specialized doctors at the district hospital. In what year a resident of the village was completely examined by doctors of various specialties, she could not immediately answer us, it was a long time ago. With the help of a mobile brigade, Lyubov Mikhailovna, together with a group of other pensioners, visited the Loktevskaya Central District Hospital (CRH), which is about 30 km away.

“Before, you had to negotiate with a taxi driver in advance, – she says. – The bus also went, but somehow it fell apart right on the go. I had to call a bus from Pokrovka – a remote village in the Loktevsky district. Now, of course, they have done it conveniently: the car picks us up, in the hospital they escort us to the offices and take us home. All doctors conducted a thorough medical examination. I am very satisfied". For 6 months in the Altai Territory, 4352 people over 65 got to the doctors.

Meanwhile, in the south of the country, residents are also brought to the waiting teams of doctors. Alexander Tupitso, Director of the Krasnodar Integrated Center for Social Services of the Karasunsky District, notes that it is the clinical examination that allows you to timely identify the main factors in the development of chronic non-communicable diseases and get qualified medical advice, undergo laboratory tests, do an ECG, fluorography, mammography, etc. « I'm glad that they take care of us, – shares a pensioner from the Krasnodar Territory Maria Malysheva.– You don't have to wait for the bus. On the way, the employee told interesting facts about active longevity, about measures of social services. We didn't queue at the clinic.

Kaluga region. Photo: Photo provided by: Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Kaluga Region.

In the Kaluga region, by the beginning of July, 1,850 people from among the older generation made a useful trip from the countryside to the doctors. As told «AiF» at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, no matter how long the way to the medical facility, the mobile team will take you in any case. Up to 7 people from one or more settlements can travel at the same time. Vehicles are adapted: there is the necessary equipment for transporting a person in a wheelchair. On the trip, pensioners are accompanied by a rural paramedic and one of the social work specialists of the social service centers. “The elderly wanted to undergo a medical examination, but the remoteness of the villages from the regional center became an obstacle for them, – recognizes Anna Tomchuk, head of the urgent social service department of the Kozelsky center for social services for the population. – And now on a certain day they go to the doctors. These trips are in great demand.

Mobile crews work in 82 Russian regions.

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