EC welcomes Canada’s decision to return turbine for Nord Stream

The European Commission considered that this eliminated “one of the pretexts” that Russia uses to reduce gas supplies to the EU. Deliveries have been reduced since mid-June, Gazprom explained this by the untimely return of the turbine ” alt=”EC welcomed Canada's decision to return turbine for Nord Stream” />

European Commission (EC) says it welcomes Ottawa's decision to return turbine for Nord Stream pipeline after repairs, which is stuck in the country due to the sanctions imposed against Russia.

“With its return, one of the pretexts that Russia uses to reduce gas supplies will be eliminated,” — The EC said in a statement.

They noted that they are in close contact with Germany and Canada on this issue, as well as with Siemens, which is repairing the unit.

The European Commission also said that they are working with international partners in order to ensure Europe's energy security by next winter. In accordance with the new regulation, which was proposed by the EC in March and agreed upon by the European Parliament and the — members of the EU in June, European gas storage facilities should be 80% full by November 1.

Gas supplies via Nord Stream began to decline in mid-June from the planned 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million cubic meters. m. «Gazprom» He explained this by the fact that due to sanctions, the turbine, which is being repaired in Canada, cannot return to Russia in a timely manner. Later, the company further reduced gas transfers as it decommissioned another gas turbine engine. On July 16, the gas pipeline was stopped for scheduled repairs until the end of the month.


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On July 10, Canada announced that it would transfer the turbine to Germany. The Minister of Natural Resources of the country, Jonathan Wilkinson, explained that in the conditions of the cessation of gas supplies from Russia, Germany would face “serious difficulties”, and the country's citizens would risk being unable to heat their homes.

According to Kommersant's sources, , the turbine will be shipped after July 14th. Transportation could take about two weeks, with several more days to install, the newspaper said.

Siemens Energy called the decision political and said it was a “necessary and important first step.” to deliver the unit.

Berlin also welcomed Canada's decision, noting that it would “remove the main reason why less gas is supplied”.

In Kyiv criticized Ottawa's intention to return the turbine, saying it set a bad precedent for exemption from sanctions. The head of the operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine, Serhiy Makogon, considered that Canada “succumbed to pressure”.

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