What is the bill that eliminates the tax on the sale of a single home?

LDPR deputies propose to abolish the tax for individuals when selling a single home. The relevant bill has already been prepared. This is reported by Izvestia, which had the document at its disposal.

What is known about the bill?

According to the publication, members of the Liberal Democrats have developed a bill to amend Article 217 of the Tax Code (“Income not subject to taxation (exempted from taxation )"). According to the initiative, it is proposed to exempt from taxation the income of individuals when selling a room, apartment or residential building, if the seller does not own any other real estate or share.

It is also reported that the document will be submitted  to the government of the Russian Federation in coming days.

What conditions must be met?

According to the explanatory note, relaxations in tax legislation provide for compliance with the following conditions:

  • the purchase of new housing must be purchased no later than April 30 of the following year after the sale of old housing;
  • cadastral value old housing should be less than the cost of new and not exceed 50 million rubles.

The idea of ​​the LDPR deputies was generally supported in the State Duma. However, the communists do not agree with the first point of the conditions. In particular, the deputy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Obukhovbelieves that it would be worth to eliminate or at least soften the requirement to purchase a more expensive property in a relatively short period of time.

“Still, some citizens have to sell real estate not from a good life”, —  suggested the parliamentarian.

What is the goal of the bill?

As one of the authors of the initiative, State Duma deputy Andrei Svintsov, notes, the bill was developed in order to make life easier for people and improve them living conditions. He is sure that amendments to the Tax Code will help increase migration within the country.

“If a person has only one apartment or house, then let him resell it at least every month and buy at least 10 sq. m, moves from district to district or from city to city in case of a change of work or study of children. This will facilitate internal migration in the country, and reduce the load on the transport infrastructure», — commented to Svintsov.

Sources: iz.ru, iz .ru/1362984

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