Medvedev said that Europe “was riddled with diarrhea”


Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev published a message on the topic of transit to the Kaliningrad region in his telegram channel. Earlier on Wednesday, the European Commission clarified transit restrictions, in particular, indicated that, with a number of reservations, the transit of sanctioned goods to and from Kaliningrad through the EU is allowed. In Lithuania, they said they support the updated EC rules and are committed to preventing violations of EU sanctions.

Medvedev believes that with these clarifications “the EU reluctantly recognized that the requirements for transit to OUR Kaliningrad region are fair” (author's spelling).

In his opinion, there was a “rare case” victories "holes of the mind" over “cretinism and cave Russophobia”.

Or, in his opinion, there may be another explanation for the decision made in Europe: “I got diarrhea from fear of losing a profitable transit.”


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