Military expert spoke about the impending large-scale Russian offensive on Kharkov

German weapons will not help Ukraine

Earlier it became known that Germany plans to supply Ukraine with another batch of weapons, which will include several self-propelled howitzers, almost 50 reconnaissance drones, more than 50 armored personnel carriers, as well as 30 anti-aircraft tanks and three MARS multiple launch rocket systems. Military expert, retired colonel Gennady Alekhin is convinced that these weapons will not play a role, since all of them will be destroyed by the RF Armed Forces.

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Alekhin told the website that the weapons samples that will be handed over to Ukraine are unlikely to slow down the advance of Russian troops. According to him, it all depends on how many of them will be transferred, and besides, to operate modern equipment, crews and crews need to be trained, which may take “not even months.”

However, the reserve colonel stressed that the command of the Russian troops pays the closest attention to the Western weapons transferred to the Ukrainian side. Alekhine noted that if Ukraine does get it, Russia will be ready to meet it along the reconnaissance line, and the special forces will identify and destroy firing positions with British, German or Dutch weapons on the spot.

Moreover, The military expert clarified that now there is a gray zone in the Kharkiv direction, from where the RF Armed Forces are gradually squeezing out the remnants of the national battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, arranging sabotage. As Alekhin noted, recently Russia has been actively inflicting pinpoint strikes on military facilities in Kharkov and its suburbs, which are having an effect.

Given this fact, the reserve colonel believes that so-called fire training is currently underway offensive. According to Alekhin, no one will name the timing of this offensive, but the increased strikes of Russian artillery and MLRS speaks of the key role of the Kharkov direction. The military expert concluded that it is not necessary to separate the fighting in the Donbass and near Kharkov, since they are in a single tactical and strategic plan.

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