Pamfilova announced the threat to the elections because of the broadcast on the Internet

In the event of a public broadcast of voting on the Internet, the entire electoral system is under great threat, the head of the CEC said. The Central Election Commission refused such broadcast last year

Ella Pamfilova

Broadcasting voting in elections not on a special website, but on other resources, does not take into account the “challenges and dangers”; and exposes the voting system to great threats, said the head of the Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova, the CEC meeting was broadcast on the website of the Central Election Commission.

Chairman of the CEC of Udmurtia Veniamin Solomennikov, speaking at the meeting via video link, said that during the three-day voting in September, it is planned to equip all 34 election commissions in the republic with “video surveillance equipment broadcast on the Internet”. Pamfilova asked to clarify whether the broadcast will go directly on the Internet or according to established practice on a special portal for the Public Observation Center.


“As for video surveillance equipment, all 34 territorial election commissions on the day of work, and this, as a rule, is the last day of voting, will be provided with video surveillance with broadcast on the Internet,— answered Solomennikov. Pamfilova then stated that Udmurtia does not take into account “those challenges and those dangers” that led the Central Election Commission to the decision to broadcast on an inaccessible wide portal.

"Let's see how you are— shibanut, then shibanut, since you decided so. Under the given conditions, this is quite fraught, & mdash; warned Pamfilova.

“Keep in mind that in the current conditions you are simply exposing your system to great threats, so let’s better work together with us now in a single logic: this is a broadcast to a secure special portal that excludes all sorts of external influences,” — she noted. She said that the Center for Public Observation must work and accounts for all parties and candidates will be issued without restrictions. “It is the Center for Public Observation that allows any ordinary voter to come and observe how the voting is going on,” — she concluded.

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In the September 2021 elections, the CEC refused to provide public access to broadcasts from polling stations. According to the deputy head of the Central Election Commission, Nikolai Bulaev, the Central Election Commission “had a fork”: within the allocated funds, it was possible to broadcast the broadcast in large numbers, but only for 12 hours, or to broadcast all three days on the service portal. Pamfilova then pointed out that “video surveillance” this is not idle curiosity,” so interested citizens will have to “work a little.”

In September, elections of 15 governors, deputies of six legislative assemblies, 12 councils of deputies of administrative centers subjects and elections to local governments. Remote Electronic Voting (DEV) will be applied in seven regions— in the Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kursk, Novgorod, Pskov, Tomsk and Yaroslavl regions. DEG will be used in Moscow as well.

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