Military historian estimated the likelihood of Israel using nuclear weapons against Iran

This could be a last resort

Amid reports of Tehran's imminent acquisition of nuclear weapons, US President Joe Biden said that in “extreme necessity” the Americans could attack the republic. Military historian Yevgeny Norin believes that Israel, in turn, may itself resort to the use of nuclear weapons if any other means of neutralizing the threat from Iran seem useless.


In an interview with, Norin noted that Israel is unlikely to decide to use nuclear weapons. According to the expert, the Israelis will use conventional weapons to the last, which has helped them so far.

The historian believes that Iran can respond to Tel Aviv and the West in a limited way, for example, by carrying out terrorist attacks or shelling Israel from the territory of other countries, namely Syria and Lebanon. However, according to Norin, it will not be a grandiose war, but rather a “local escalation”.

The expert urged not to consider Iran “a suicide who wants to burn in a nuclear fire.” According to the historian, the Iranian side is pragmatic and will not do anything that could provoke the “complete dismantling” of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its current form.

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