The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine called the data on the dead soldiers a state secret

The Deputy Minister asked those who are “trying to publicly establish” Ukraine's losses not to reveal them until the end of martial law. The last time the Rada extended it until August 23

During the period of martial law, Ukrainian losses in combat operations are a state secret, said Anna Malyar, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, TSN reports.

“The death toll numbers are a state secret during martial law. It is due to military expediency and the fact that the enemy should not know these numbers and use it for their own capabilities, — Malyar said.

She also appealed to residents and public figures who are “trying to publicly establish these numbers, thinking that someone is deliberately hiding them.” Maliar asked them not to reveal the figures until the end of martial law.

Ukraine declared martial law on February 24 after the start of the Russian special operation. Since then, its validity has been repeatedly extended, the last time— until August 23.

Then the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced a general mobilization. In mid-June, the Deputy Minister of Defense reported that since the end of February, the Ukrainian authorities had mobilized “hundreds of thousands” of citizens. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov noted that the Ukrainian army is suffering heavy losses and needs more weapons.

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