The court sentenced the ex-head of “Open Russia” Pivovarov to 4 years in prison

The court considered Pivovarov's guilt proved, he was accused of campaigning in support of an undesirable organization, the prosecutor asked for five years in prison. Pivovarov considers the case politically motivated, his elderly mother and child are dependent on him. alt=”Court sentenced ex-head of Open Russia Pivovarov to 4 years in prison” />

Andrey Pivovarov

The Leninsky District Court of Krasnodar found the former head of the public movement “Open Russia” (an organization declared undesirable on the territory of Russia and banned) Andrey Pivovarov was guilty of leading an organization whose activities were recognized as undesirable on the territory of Russia (Article 284.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and sentenced to 4 to four years in prison with a sentence in a penal colony.

“Having considered the materials of the case, examining the numerous admissible evidence presented by the parties, the court came to the conclusion that the guilt of the defendant was proven”,— RBC was informed by the Joint Press Service of the Judicial System of the Krasnodar Territory.

From April 11, 2020 to May 31 last year, Pivovarov was the executive director of Open Russia, twice within one year he was brought to administrative responsibility under the article on participation in the activities of an undesirable organization (Article 20.33 of the Code of Administrative Offenses), the court indicated.

Despite this, the press service continued, he did not stop leading the organization and conducted financial, recruiting and advertising campaigns in support of Open Russia, held forums and meetings at which he informed the “unlimited circle of people about the goals and objectives of the organization”, posted on the Internet materials about the activities of the organization.

Pivovarov does not consider himself guilty and calls the case against him politically motivated. Defense of the head of “Open Russia” asked the court to take into account that Pivovarov is dependent on an elderly mother and a young child, wrote the Pivovarov Team Telegram channel.

The case against Pivovarov was opened in early June last year. The Investigative Committee claimed that in August 2020 the head of Open Russia posted in the public domain information of a “propaganda nature”; in support of a non-governmental organization recognized as undesirable in Russia.

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“The figurant was detained by law enforcement officers while trying to escape from the preliminary investigation outside the Russian Federation,” — claimed in the UK.

We can talk about the publication in support of candidates in the elections of municipal deputies, Pivovarov posted it on Facebook (owned by Meta Platforms, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned), suggested the ex-coordinator of Open Russia» Tatiana Usmanova. The BBC Russian service, citing the decision of the Investigative Committee, reported that the case was connected with the repost of a message from the Krasnodar deputy Alexander Korovainy about the election campaign of the Open Russia activist Yana Antonova.

At the end of May last year, Open Russia was liquidated. “We are closing branches in the regions. All members of the movement are expelled from the organization, and their membership is canceled— to avoid possible persecution»,— Pivovarov told then a few days before his arrest.

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