In Italy, they allowed the termination of military assistance to Kyiv with the resignation of Draghi

In the event of the resignation of Mario Draghi, the interim government of Italy will not be able to make decisions on military assistance to Ukraine and the conclusion of new contracts for gas supplies, said Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio

Mario Draghi and Luigi Di Maio

The potential resignation of the government of Mario Draghi threatens to deprive Ukraine of military assistance from Rome, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said in an interview with European publication Politico.

“The Russians are right now celebrating the fall of another Western government … Now I I doubt that we can send weapons [to Ukraine]»,— he said.

According to him, if the current government headed by Draghi nevertheless resigns, it will continue to perform duties with limited powers until new elections are held. This means that the cabinet will not be able to make new decisions, including on military assistance to Ukraine, support for the population in times of crisis and the signing of gas contracts.

Di Maio called on Italian political parties not to dismiss the Draghi government: vote vote of confidence will be held in Parliament next week.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced plans to step down on 14 July. This happened after the Five Stars party, which was part of the coalition government, boycotted the vote of confidence in the current cabinet, thereby marking its exit from the parliamentary majority.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to accept Draghi's resignation and invited him to hold a vote of confidence again. Voting should take place on July 20.

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Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio was a former member of the Five Stars but left in June, accusing the party chairman, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, of helping the Kremlin in an effort to unseat Draghi's government. Di Maio created his own group in Parliament “Together for the Future” to support the current government. Di Maio calls Draghi one of the main opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the West and notes that under him, Italy was one of the first to propose tough sanctions due to a special operation in Ukraine.

Mario Draghi has been in charge of the Italian government since February 2021 . Rome has joined Western sanctions against Russia. Draghi advocates reducing dependence on Russian gas. In April, he visited Algiers, where an agreement was signed to increase pipeline gas supplies to Italy. According to Lifegate's calculations, this will make the North African country the main supplier of Rome. Previously, Russia supplied most of the gas to Italy.

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