Forecaster predicted in Moscow next week the weather of “early autumn”

Leading specialist of the weather center “Phobos” Evgeny Tishkovets, in an interview with RT, said that weather typical for early autumn is predicted in Moscow next week.

According to the expert, cooling is expected in the capital and the region from Monday, the air temperature will be below the climatic norm by 4 – 5 °S.

«We will be thrown back almost to the beginning of September. The weather will be reminiscent of early autumn, – said the forecaster.

The expert added that the working week will begin with rain and thunderstorms, the temperature will rise to a maximum of +22°C in Moscow and +23°C in the region. The coldest day will be Wednesday, during the day the air will warm up to +18…+20 °C. The working week will end with the warmest day – the air temperature will be +20…+25 °С.

The forecaster added that a powerful Scandinavian anticyclone is expected by the weekend. Saturday afternoon – +24…+29 °C. Sunny on Sunday, no precipitation, +27…+32 °С.

Today in Moscow cloudy weather with clearings, a thunderstorm will pass in some places.

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