The commando told how and whom the SBU recruits in the liberated territories

“Even after the operation is over, we will have to fight this for a long time”

Another case of recruitment by the SBU of the population in the liberated territories was made public. This was reported by the Telegram channel “Joker DNR”. This time we are talking about residents of the city of Kupyansk, Kharkov region. According to the source, three men were recruited by a Ukrainian special officer, they were immediately given the task of traveling and identifying the locations and movement of Russian military equipment. To this end, they visited Svatovo and Starobelsk (LPR), where they filmed Russian positions and passed the information to the curator.

Photo: Global Look Press

An employee of one of the Russian special forces, in an interview with MK, told who and why agrees to cooperate with representatives of the Kyiv regime and how such a contingent is detected.

“Potentially, people are being recruited on whom there is some kind of compromising evidence of a certain type, and they are afraid of its disclosure. Also here can be attributed people who are in a difficult financial situation or a difficult life situation. They are ready for anything. And the third option, which also cannot be discounted, is ideological nationalists. They a priori took a pro-Ukrainian position and are ready to cooperate for ideological reasons.

– First of all, you need to understand what criteria they work by. All manuals have been written long ago, and in fact, counterintelligence work involves certain techniques. They have not changed in recent decades. Therefore, it is quite simple for professionals to identify spies: these are code words in messages, code phrases in conversations, in addition, communication with each other, with foreign citizens – potential adversaries. All this is very easy to detect in the modern digital world.

If we are talking about a specific example of detection in the liberated territories, where today there is no mobile communication and the Internet, then the main source of information is the local population. They always know who and how is configured. Those who are prejudiced towards the new government are taking it “on a pencil”.

– Now, while the formation of all state systems is only going on in the liberated territories, this is the prerogative of the military. There are special forces, special departments. A good historical practice that should be considered for implementation is the creation of special units of the SMERSH type – “Death to Spies”, which were created during the Great Patriotic War and proved to be just in the territories liberated by the Red Army. Separately, I would like to note that all this takes a lot of time. Even after the completion of the special military operation, we will have to deal with such cases for many more years…


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