German Chancellor Scholz reassured by statement on sanctions against Russia

Useful Idiots

“In the event of peace on the terms imposed by the Russian side, none of the restrictive measures will be lifted,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Oh, it's not for nothing that Dmitry Medvedev recently called European politicians useful idiots. Because Scholz's statement means that perestroika is going according to plan. Whose plan is an even more interesting question.

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As a given, it is worth taking the fact that there will be no other peace in Ukraine except for peace on Russia's terms. Actually, the late Zhirinovsky outlined its contours, and the logic of the development of events shows that plus or minus it will be so: everything Russian (for example, the Black Sea region up to Transnistria) will again become Russian, Ukrainian (Volyn with Galicia) will remain Ukrainian.

This division can be seen even in relation to hostilities – Western Ukraine is somehow in no hurry to help the eastern regions, whose inhabitants do not really recognize their own and do not even grieve about their death.

By the way, the separation is indirectly confirmed by Zelensky’s removal from the posts of the head of the SBU and the Prosecutor General – somewhere, somewhere, and there should be ideological Ukrainians in the SBU, but go ahead, dozens go over to the side of Russia in the liberated regions.

But the thing is, what confirms the words of Scholz, is not at all that there was peace in Ukraine. What prevented the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, not engaging in the militarization of Ukraine and pushing it into conflict with Russia? The collective West does not give a damn about Ukraine and the lives of Ukrainians. They need to put Russia, which has suddenly declared its interests, in its place.

To them – this is the head of the collective West – the USA. And we must pay tribute to the Americans – they know how to play these games: with a huge degree of probability, Europe, already in a subordinate position, will become just an American colony. Because it will begin to depend on key parameters – energy resources and food (America lifted its own sanctions on the Russian agricultural sector, and not exactly refused oil).

But will it be possible to put Russia in its place, to punish it approximately?

I have a large fitness club near my house. There, jocks and fitonies like to wear T-shirts with a slogan that can be translated as “no pain – no strength.”

Of course, sanctions will have an effect. But. What in Europe seems to the inhabitants of the collapse of the usual way of life, for us – the usual way of life. Germans, says Scholz, are suffering from rising fuel and food prices, and look at electricity bills with dismay. And, according to data published by Bild am Sonntag, 47% of them believe that sanctions harm Germany more than Russia.

But we still have – and a great – chance for a reboot. The West itself has put the Russian economy (and domestic politics as well) in conditions where it has only one way – to get rid of dependence and finally really develop. Which is useful.

This is just one aspect of sanctions. Most importantly, try to punish spring for coming. This is nonsense. It is the same with Russia, which just opened the ice on the river of history, which was already ready for ice drift.

“The sooner everyone realizes that there is no alternative to the objective historical processes of forming a multipolar world based on respect for the principle of sovereignty, which is fundamental for the UN Charter and the entire world order. equality of states, the better,” Lavrov wrote in an article published on Monday. Here is the answer to the question, according to whose plan perestroika is going on.

Someone, like Russia and America, is aware of “there is no alternative to objective historical processes” and is playing their own game. Some, like Scholz and his European company, are not aware. And plays the role of useful idiots.


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