HIMARS shot down by Russia was a blow to Ukraine

“The invulnerability of the American MLRS is clearly exaggerated”

The allied forces in Donbass continued to debunk the myth of the invulnerability of the American multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) HIMARS. The launcher and the transport-loading vehicle of the American MLRS were destroyed with the help of high-precision weapons in the Krasnoarmeysk region in the Donetsk People's Republic. This was announced by the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

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Western experts had to recognize that the destruction of the “invincible” HIMARS was “sad news for Ukraine and the North Atlantic Alliance.”

According to Yevgeny Linin, the MK military expert, the destruction of HIMARS was just a matter of time.

– It is wrong to say that these installations have some kind of superpowers to destroy our rear facilities. HIMARS is not some kind of know-how or superweapon, it is an upgraded M270 MLRS system, which was put into service with the US Army back in 1980.

Today, these installations are 40 years old, nothing has changed dramatically since those times. Even the guidance systems remained practically the same, inertial. In terms of its characteristics, the MLRS resembles our Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. and «Smerch». Moreover, in some range of used ammunition, HIMARS is much inferior to Soviet systems, – said Evgeny Linin.

At the same time, according to him, “HIMARS should not be underestimated”:

– When equipped with short-range operational-tactical missiles, the installation poses a serious threat. Its ballistic flight parameters are about 300 kilometers, but in fact it flies at 500, and according to some sources, up to 700 kilometers. All other used HIMARS weapons are no different from what was previously installed on the tracked chassis of the M270 MLRS complex.

The expert also told what tactics the Armed Forces use when shelling with American systems:

– If talking about ammunition supplied to Ukraine for HIMARS, their range is small. The range of application is about  80 kilometers, so we can say that unguided missiles are used and their use is actually very limited.

In order to effectively fire shots from HIMARS, Ukrainians have to use certain tactics. First, they bombard with shells, using all their artillery capabilities to “exhaust” the systems of our counter-battery warfare, and only after that the shelling from American installations begins. We can say that all HIMARS are more of a psychological and PR effect.  

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