“Sandu sobbed”: a riot is ripe in ruined Moldova

People do not even have enough money for firewood

Residents of Moldovan villages intend to sue the government of the country for deceiving their hopes and creating unacceptable living conditions.

According to Andrei Donica, the leader of the Speranta-Hope movement, people have been silent for almost a year, hoping that the government should be given time to start working. But time has shown that the further, the worse.

Maia Sandu Photo: AP

There are big problems with gas in the country, so the authorities promised to provide citizens with at least cheap firewood for the winter. But as it turns out, the price of timber proved to be unaffordable for pensioners. The fact is that in the scheme of supplying firewood to the population, as always, there were corruption structures. Gasket firms that transport firewood do so illegally, driving up prices without paying taxes to the state. Funds are transferred to controlled accounts…

At the same time, prices for residents are too high. “How can a pensioner today buy firewood at 1,500 lei per warehouse meter, when the pension is 2,000 lei? After all, not everyone even has a pension of 2000 lei… Did they promise good times? We will prove that they are liars,” says Donica. According to him, in some villages, pensioners are now forced to literally starve.

In the fight against the government, its political force is ready to use not only protests, but also the judicial system. As the leader of Speranza-Hope says, “According to Article 47, the state is obliged to provide decent living, we will ask for a decent living in court. I am convinced that, at least with the help of the ECtHR, this process will be won.”

Now the Moldovan government is absolutely unable to cope with economic challenges. Does not know what to do, and the country's President Maia Sandu. According to local media, after a recent trip to her native village, where local residents told Sand everything they think about her running the country, she then stopped the car on the highway, got out of it and sobbed for half an hour. However, the tantrums of the head of state are unlikely to help people survive the coming winter.

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